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Our baby boy

Five months of oohs and aahs, little hands and little feet, interrupted nights, smiles, and warm snuggles. Five months ago, we welcomed our baby boy to our family, and what a ride it has been so far! From a four-day long labor to waking up every hour when he was four months old, we’ve been learning, bleary-eyed, what it means to be parents.

And while I want to share every detail, every new thing he does, and every poo coo he makes, I hesitate because I want to preserve the privacy of this young person; I hesitate because I feel more and more acutely how we all need a little more privacy in this day and age.

This blog was started to record (ever so infrequently) my crafty endeavors. And so I will try not to delve into too many child-rearing details and instead try to focus on crafts, recycling projects, and other creative stuff. I can assure you of one thing though: I definitely WILL be writing about making baby booties, baby sweaters, baby toys etc. because that’s where my crafty thoughts are these days.


One more thing… I just wanted to share this great post from an artist and blogger I respect very much (even though I’ve never met her). In this excellent blog post, she is talking about slow blogging (a concept I seem to have grasped a long time ago :))

And what are your news and plans this year?


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