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Renewed: Sewn Packaging

To preface this, about a month ago, I was shopping on Etsy for drawer pulls for my upcoming dresser makeover (stay tuned for that!) After searching high and low, I came across these:

I think these metal appliqués are really unusual, but I will need to be very inventive about attaching them to my dresser. Perhaps, hot glue them over the existing knobs? Any ideas?

What I want to share with you today, however, is the packaging in which these arrived. The lovely seller from recupefashion.etsy.com has sent me a wonderfully inventive envelope. The evening I received her package in the mail, Mike found me grinning from ear to ear with joy, inspired by someone else’s ingenuity.

The envelope is made of a pizza box turned inside out. If I ever have my own Etsy shop (oh, wouldn’t it be wonderful!), I’d like to follow suit and borrow this bright idea.

Here’s what she says: “I keep most every food box… from healthy snack bars, cereal, pizza boxes, whatever… I then pretty much leave the small one at the same size and sew up 3 sides about ¼ in from the side. When ready, I put everything inside and I simply sew it all up and that’s it. Remember to write your addresses and name before filling it because it’s all bumpy.”

Here are some more ideas from fellow bloggers:

Ashley from Hotbutter has her own tutorial on how to make sewn packaging:

Gabrielle from designmom.com shares her own beautiful idea, gift packaging sewn from the pages of vintage children’s books:

This is from Apartment Therapy – too bad I didn’t see this in time for Christmas:

Finally (and I think this is breathtaking) here’s an extension of an idea – paper embroidery from craftsylish.com:

Happy crafting!


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